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The Odoo accounting module is a comprehensive financial management tool that allows you to manage all aspects of your accounting and financial operations within a single platform

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Current balance

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Financial performance

In the Odoo accounting module, the dashboard provides a summary of your financial data and key performance indicators. This may include information such as your current balance, recent transactions, outstanding invoices, and financial performance over a certain period of time. The dashboard may also provide access to key accounting tools and features, such as the ability to create and send invoices, manage your chart of accounts, and track expenses. You can customize the dashboard to display the information and tools that are most relevant to your business needs.

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Customized reports to fit your preferences

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The Odoo accounting module allows users to customize the reports they generate to meet their specific needs. Reports may be generated on a regular basis, such as monthly or quarterly, and may be available in different formats, such as PDF or Excel.

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Each module performs certain functions which are interlinked with each other.

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