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Effective sales management is crucial for businesses of all sizes and industries. To stay competitive, companies are turning to specialized tools and software to manage their sales operations. Odoo ERP offers a dedicated sales management module that helps businesses prioritize their sales efforts and streamline their operations. This module is highly valuable for any organization as it can bring reliability, efficiency, and simplicity to their sales processes.

Odoo invoice

Create and send quotations electronically

Apply Templates

Send Quotations

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High-quality and
thorough quotations

There are pre-designed quotation templates that can be used as is or modified to fit your specific needs. These customized templates can be saved for future use.


Arranging orders and contracts

Streamlining operations to prioritize customer relationships and increase revenue

From quotations to sales orders

Easily convert quotations into sales orders with a single click, or have the customer sign off on it with a quick electronic signature.

Contract management

"Odoo's recurring contracts feature allows you to invoice customers based on time and materials, track invoicing phases, identify renewal and upselling opportunities, and manage subscriptions with ease.

Let your customers help themselves

With the customer portal, your customers can easily access their quotations, sales orders, and delivery orders. To save time, use Odoo Sign to quickly obtain signatures on NDAs, contracts, or any other PDF document.

Why Cyper Systems

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